TOTAL RENOVATION - A 30 year old house

Type: The Villa was built 30 years ago.
Size: 400 square meters
Property size: 1,700 sqm.
Location – Hasharon Area

The Project was completed in 2018

The Project was completed in 2018 The old building had round spaces, low ceilings and small windows in the bedrooms. Overall, the house was quite dark and had many unfunctional rooms and undefined style. The façade of the house was totally changed. The interior parts were knocked down, for the purpose of redistributing spaces. The extensive works created a spacious, modern, smart technological house. The new house boasts open living area, and open spaces with a lot of natural sunlight and open air. Despite of the extensive works done, the unique round shapes remain, to reminiscent the old structure. At present the new straight lines of construction make an exciting contribution to the round shapes that remained in the property. The house was planned in cooperation with the architect Yehoshua Sha'ashua The photograph was taken by Oded Smadar: