Total Renovation - A 20 year old house

Type: The Villa was built 20 years ago.
Size: 320 square meters Property
size: 350 sqm.
Location – Ramat-Poleg, Netanya.


The Project was completed in 2016

The exterior part of the house was renovated completely, including redesigning an impressive doorway of marble tiles and hidden lighting. A new backyard garden was built to accommodate an outdoor kitchen. The internal walls were knocked down for redistribution of the interior spaces and to redesign a living area and a new spacious kitchen. Two en-suite bedrooms were broken to create a spacious 60 sqm. washing area that follows a master parents suite with hidden closets. Other washrooms were relocated and renovated completely, and a children's area was created in the basement. The ceilings were lowered all over the house to install hidden decorative lighting and smart VRF air-conditioning system. The new house is a smart house, with networked cameras, state of the art carpentry works, taking advantage on the most modern lighting and technology solutions. The photograph was taken by Omri Amsalem / Yaniv Cohen